The TTM Group of Companies is a group of corporate travel management companies based in Singapore specialising in managing the travel needs of our clients, while priding ourselves on being forward looking and always staying on top of new developments in technology. Established in 1961, the group has a wealth of experience in handling both SMEs and MNCs, in particular Japanese clients.

Always on the lookout for improvement, the group is able to tap on various systems to automate processes in order to offer our esteemed clients more, in less time. Such services include reporting and analysis for budgeting purposes, a dedicated online booking tool for 24/7 management of bookings for our clients, a separate online site for B2C customers, as well as automated reminders for ticketing deadlines.

The TTM Group is also one of the few travel management companies that is NDC certified. NDC is a program that has been in the works for years, but one that was only released in the market relatively recently. It aims to transform the way air products are retailed to corporations, leisure and business travellers, by addressing the industry’s current distribution limitations. ​​​Put simply, it aims to equip airlines with the ability to market their full range of products, which might be overlooked otherwise.

As a TMC that uses NDC technology, we are also in the midst of setting up a platform that will allow us to seamlessly access all the information from the various NDC portals set up by our partner airlines. This will allow us to ensure that we’re getting only the best deals for you.

Additionally, our online booking tool ensures our clients can check flight availability, make new bookings, and manage their bookings at anytime, anywhere. As a experienced TMC, our expertise in working with small – medium companies means we know exactly what’s right for your business, so whatever your role, you’ll be able to use your customised dashboard to access relevant travel information, allowing you to view itineraries, confirm bookings, manage profiles, make pre-trip approvals, track your travellers, and all the essentials in between. We also provide comprehensive reports on request, thus allowing you to track your travel spend and budget accordingly.

For those who are not users of our online booking tool, we have another website that is dedicated to B2C bookings. It features competitive rates as well as a user-friendly interface that makes booking a trip easier than ever.

Our list of websites also features a website dedicated to the display of relevant information. This particular website hosts an array of different useful information, from visa information to VR viewing of the insides of aircrafts. We also keep the industry news section updated with useful articles. We are also experimenting with chatbot technology at the moment, and hope to one day launch it for easy access to information for all our website visitors.