About Us

Our Profile

TTM Travel Agency Pte Ltd, incorporated in 1983, specializes in corporate travel management. We build the foundation of the company by offering professional and efficient service to our clients.

We understand the diverse needs of modern travelers, and with this knowledge, we believe we have a competitive edge over others in offering a full suite of services and solutions that will satisfy any organization.

TTM is equipped with a well educated team of staff with extensive experience in the corporate travel industry. We offer professional services that utilize cutting edge technology whilst maintaining personalized support essential in today′s travel management. Our key focus is to employ trained skilled staff who are able to handle corporate travel arrangements professionally and efficiently and at the same time, offer clients customized and personalized service.

We view clients as the cornerstones of our business and endeavour to offer the best service, advice and assistance for every travel requirement. We also tailor services to suit clients′ needs and are willing to explore all options in order to develop an individual management plan that will offer the optimum solution. TTM Travel is trained to develop suitable travel guidelines and procedures for your company and keep to your budget.

We are dedicated to not just meet, but exceed expectations, delivering total traveler satisfaction.


To be one of the leading Travel Management companies (TMC) in the region.


To propel ourselves to greater heights by adopting the latest travel technologies with our partners to bring greater convenience and satisfaction to our clients in their travel requirements.

Our Achievements

We are dedicated to providing the the best services to our customers and maintain long term relationships with them. Along the way, we received recognition for our work.

Gained acceptance as members from different travel agents associations: - NATAS (National Association of Travel Agents Singapore) - STB (Singapore Tourism Board)

Our company has also been successful in gaining as one of the top ranking 600 travel agencies in Singapore.

To maintain our company standard in serving customers, all ticketing/operational staff participated in the assessment test organized by NATAS (National Association of Travel Agents Singapore), TMIS (Tourism Management Institute of Singapore), PSB (Singapore Productivity & Standard Board). The result was a 100% passes. In recognition of the success, each staff was awarded the NSRS certificate i.e. National Skills Recognition System Certificate. The objective of the assessment test is to acquiring the required skill, knowledge, effectiveness and efficiency in serving our customers especially our corporate customers in the present competitive market.