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We, as a forward-looking travel agency, have always prided ourselves on our focus on the importance of constantly keeping ourselves abreast of the latest informational and technological trends. Because of our commitment to only serving our customers with the best, we have also developed several tools to assist in the process, in addition to working with experienced industry partners to bring you even better solutions.

We have thus cooperated with our partner to bring you a convenient and readily accessible solution in the form of a booking tool that allows you to create your own unique profile to make bookings with us.

Using it will allow you to access not only our best fares, but have all the services of a travel agency readily available as well. Upon creation of your account, you will be able to book and manage your own flights and accommodation on both business and leisure trips. The services we provide include issuance of tickets, as well as changes/cancellation of bookings. We offer other services as well, such as advice on travel documentation needed and general advice on trips such as comparing the various options on hand for both travel and accommodation.

Online Booking Application Process

Want to get started on applying with us but not sure how to ? Let this handy infographic help!

1. Getting to know you

We have prepared a google form here so that we can gather some necessary information for the setting up of your account.

2. Wait for your new account

We will process your application within 3 business days and send you an email with your account details and log in link

3. To login

Once your account is set up, you may also access it via this link

4. Troubleshooting

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

5. The End

Done! Now you're ready to book your own flights.

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6 Great Reasons to choose us for your travel

Control – Your policies, your budget, your resources

Care – Safe travellers, treated with care

EFFICIENCY – A corporate Travel Management team will focus on enhancing cost saving alongside improved reporting to provide future efficiency.

Consolidation – Know exactly what you are spending and where

Compliance – Bespoke technology for enforced policies and approvals

Ability to provide the best options and prices